Can tough love be the new self-love?

What is self-love? The phrase self-love is all over social media. We hear things such as you must learn to love yourself before someone else will. Love yourself first. My personal favorite, treat yo’ self! While there is nothing inherently wrong with these, it misses the other side of true self-love. This topic has taken me a […]

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Wake the Dreams into Reality

I was watching Doctor Who tonight. It was a Christmas episode from 2014 and spoke about living a dream within a dream.  Holographic universe theory and Simulation theory both state that this universe isn’t truly real. The only thing that has been shown to be real however, is the consciousness that makes up this reality. […]

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A Christian Nation?

Maybe it’s just the insane amount of patriotic music i’ve been listening to, or reading Dallas Willard or the podcasts I’ve heard recently. Quite possibly its probably a mixture of it all.I heard a song and while i don’t remember the words completely its something along the lines of, “Thank you God for this great […]

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Could it be that there’s a perfect blend of light and dark. Much like a beautiful sunrise. The light of the sun penetrates through the darkness of the trees. With out this contrast where would be our humility. If we only see darkness we care not at all and there is nothing in us that […]

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Beginning to Love This

In his book, Strength To Love, Martin Luther King Jr. writes, “A second lesson [of Love in action] comes to us from Jesus’ prayer on the cross. It is an expression of Jesus’ awareness of man’s intellectual and spiritual blindness. ‘They know not what they do,’ said Jesus. Blindness was their trouble; enlightenment was their […]

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We Are All the Same

We are all the same. Made the same. It is by what we have that we think we need to define ourselves. So in taking into account the things we own we place importance among ourselves. When in all actuality we are the same. We are born the same way, flesh, into this cold and […]

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Faith Like a Mustard Seed

a mustard seed In the gospels were constantly told about having faith like a mustard seed and how the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed. I’ve always thought that this is such a great parable but never quite grasped the real picture Jesus was trying to get at. So I googled some pictures. […]

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